• »From the river Asi to the sea, living is resistance!«

    »From the river Asi to the sea, living is resistance!«

    Join and support us at the upcoming Evvel Temmuz Cultural Arts Festival 2024! Approaching the time of Evvel Temmuz, the celebration of millennia-old festivities of abundance, earth, and life draws near. We invite you to join us! Last year, under the motto “Ma Rihna Nehna Hon” we organized the festival for the workers, children, women,…

  • Çatı (roof) – Documentary

    Çatı (roof) – Documentary

    We are pleased to announce the release of the documentary “Çatı” (Roof), created by Aslı Asena Elibol and Yaren Esin. This film captures the solidarity, struggle, and resistance in the earthquake-stricken Hatay region. Premiering on February 2nd, 2024, in Istanbul, it has since been screened across Turkey and is now making its way to Europe,…



    The February 6th earthquake exposed the reality that “it’s not the earthquake, but the buildings that kill,” revealing the lethality of a profit-driven system that prioritizes construction over safety. It also highlighted the collapse of all mechanisms within public institutions, their inadequacy, and the loss of intervention capacity due to their corporatization. Our responsibility now…