The February 6th earthquake exposed the reality that “it’s not the earthquake, but the buildings that kill,” revealing the lethality of a profit-driven system that prioritizes construction over safety. It also highlighted the collapse of all mechanisms within public institutions, their inadequacy, and the loss of intervention capacity due to their corporatization. Our responsibility now…

  • Stone by Stone

    Stone by Stone

    TRANSLATION of the Article »Stein für Stein« (Missy Magazine 4/23) about the work of Mor Dayanışma. The feminist network of Mor Dayanışma was already central before the earthquakes in Turkey, and since then, it has become vital for survival. The Gezi protests that swept the whole country ten years ago also gave wings to feminist…

  • Solidarity in dire need!

    Solidarity in dire need!

    UPDATE about our work in the earthquake regions: On February 6, 2023, the southeast of Turkey and the northeast of Syria were hit by a series of devastating earthquakes that have since officially taken over 59,259 lives, left more than 130,000 people injured and without homes, and directly impacted more than 15 million people. Since…