The February 6th earthquake exposed the reality that “it’s not the earthquake, but the buildings that kill,” revealing the lethality of a profit-driven system that prioritizes construction over safety. It also highlighted the collapse of all mechanisms within public institutions, their inadequacy, and the loss of intervention capacity due to their corporatization. Our responsibility now is to focus on rebuilding the devastated cities, to comprehensively address the emerging reality, discuss it, and create the driving force for change. 

This documentary, which we plan to be around 35-40 minutes long, is a resistance documentary that documents the efforts made in Hatay/Samandağ after the February 6th earthquake, emphasizing the struggle and solidarity. The documentary covers a 5-month period, including interviews with volunteers working in the region during the earthquake process and our interactions with friends from Samandağ who we met and worked with during this time, as well as neighbourhood meetings, events, protests, meetings, and other activities. 

Our goal is to create a documentary with archival value and, through this documentary, to create spaces for communication with the public about the process. Because only an honest history and a remembered past can solidify the steps we will take from now on and lead us to a brighter future. 

We are currently planning with a budget of 300.000 TL. 
If you consider to help us in any way, please support us with a donation – or write us if you have another supportive idea!

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