»From the river Asi to the sea, living is resistance!«

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Join and support us at the upcoming Evvel Temmuz Cultural Arts Festival 2024!

Approaching the time of Evvel Temmuz, the celebration of millennia-old festivities of abundance, earth, and life draws near. We invite you to join us!

Last year, under the motto “Ma Rihna Nehna Hon” we organized the festival for the workers, children, women, youth, and the entire community across Hatay’s districts. We declared, “We are here to stay, not to leave” aiming to heal our wounds and hold accountable those who abandoned the people of Hatay during the earthquake crisis.

Today, under the threat of being displaced under the guise of declaring our homes as reserve areas, we prepare to celebrate Evvel Temmuz again, a heritage spanning thousands of years. Our culture and art will uplift the people and shed light on our resistance. Again and again: Through music, theater, painting, and cinema, we will laugh, cry, remember, and find hope in every language. Streets will be filled with children’s joy, courtyards of homes will become stages for theater, bitter coffee will be brewed for guests, songs will be sung in every tongue, and conversations will flourish.

Across Samandağ, Defne, and Antakya, special events will be organized for children, youth, and women, uniting communities in celebration. We witnessed days where our lives themselves have turned into resistance, with all our stubbornness to protect our memories, culture, land, and geography. We stand against destruction and erasure of memory and heritage, starting our journey with the motto “From the River Asi to the sea, Living is Resistance”.

Our festival remains unsponsored, relying on the grassroots efforts of our community and the dedication of artists, just like in previous years. Your donation ensures the festival continues to thrive and impact our community.

Donate Today and contribute to our grassroots effort:
Account Name: Samandağ Mor Dayanışma Kadın Derneği
Bank: İş Bankası
IBAN: TR270006400000161400733792

Join us from July 5-14, 2024 at the Evvel Temmuz Cultural Arts Festival in Samandağ, Defne, and Antakya. Let’s celebrate the communal traditions of the Arab Alevi community together with the enthusiasm of cultural and artistic endeavors. We invite all communities to join us in weaving this festival together.

Ma Rıhna Nıhna Hon!

A special invitation to all our friends in Istanbul:

We welcome all friends to the screening and discussion of the documentary “Evvel Temmuz İçinde (Within Evvel Temmuz)” from last years’ celebrations, as preparation of the upcoming Evvel Temmuz Cultural Arts Festival. 

📍 Kadıköy Eğitim-Sen
🗓️ June 28
🕡 19:30

We are looking forward to screening the documentary in other places as well. Don’t hesitate to contact us! Visit the website at evveltemmuz.org for more details and follow us on Instagram (@evveltemmuzksf and also @mor.dayanisma) for updates on upcoming events.